Add Adozan during cooking or directly to meals and beverages. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

If you want to enrich yoghurt, just add Adozan and stir the powder into the yoghurt. If you can manage only small portions of food which you want to enrich with additional protein, stir Adozan in liquid or mushy food, e.g. soups, sauces, porridge or puree.

The added powder does not add any flavor or smell, nor does it change the consistency of the food.

On days when you cannot manage more than some juice or coffee you can just add Adozan to your beverages. The powder can be easily be dissolved and doesn’t alter the taste. The fruit acid contained in some sugar free beverages, can cause the protein in Adozan Protein100 to flocculate. This is a purely aesthetic problem, it does not affect the quality of the protein (in fact, it actually makes it easier to digest). In such cases you can first dissolve Adozan in a small amount of water and then add it to your beverage of choice.

For a flavor neutral end result, the recommended dosage is one sachet per glass of at least 125 ml of liquid.

Most of the Adozan variants are completely heat resistant. Only Adozan Protein+ is sensitive at temperatures of more than 75°C.

Adozan Protein+ is a little different

Adozan Protein+ can be added to hot or cold meals and beverages. It is heat resistant up to 75°C. 

Adozan is a food product obtained from natural raw materials and may show different reactions depending on which food or beverages it is added to. However, dissolution in cool water is always easy and trouble-free.

Tipps for optimal use

Addition of Adozan to hot beverages

  • Pour your hot drink in a cup
  • Let the liquid cool down to under 75°C
  • Stir in Adozan Protein+ and enjoy

Addition of Adozan during cooking

If you want to add Adozan Protein+ during cooking, stir in the powder before starting the heat and then slowly warm up to 75°C maximum. You can just as well add the powder after letting the meal cool down to under 75°C.

If Adozan doesn’t dissolve properly in beverages, like for example acidious fruit juices, you can first dissolve Adozan Protein+ in a small amount of water and then add it to your beverage.

For baking Adozan Protein+ may simply be mixed with the dry inredients and baked according to the recipe.

If you require a product mainly for cooking we recommend Adozan Protein+Hot.

Simply stir Adozan in your favourite food or beverages…

If you can eat only small amounts of food, simply stir Adozan in liquid meals, such as yoghurt, soups, puree, porridge or you coffee. Adozan, the simplest solution!


Vejledende dosering for at opnå smagsneutral berigelse med Adozan:
10 g pulver i min. 125 ml mad eller drikke
15 ml P-boost til min. 150 ml mad eller drikke
Adozan kan bruges i højere dosering, men bismag kan i så fald forekomme.
Adozan indeholder ingen vitaminer og mineraler, der kan overdoseres, og derfor er vægtøgning den eneste bivirkning, der kan forekomme ved højt indtag.
Er du meget småtspisende, så kan det have gavnlig effekt at berige alle dagens måltider med ekstra næring.

Mål og vægt

1 brev Adozan indeholder 10 g pulver
1 måleske indeholder 10 g pulver. Måleske findes i alle 1 kg varianter og i 3 kg HøjProtein
1 stk. chokolade vejer 9 g. En æske chokolade indeholder 250 g – 28 stk.


Adozan HøjProtein, 10 g/1 brev/1 måleske giver: 165 KJ/40 kcal, 10 g protein, 0 g fedt, 0 g kulhydrat
Adozan HøjEnergi, 10 g/1 brev/1 måleske giver: 265 KJ/63 kcal, 1,4 g protein, 4,5 g fedt, 4 g kulhydrat
Adozan Transparent, 10 g/1 brev/1 måleske giver: 168 KJ/40 kcal, 4 g protein, 0 g fedt, 6 g kulhydrat
Adozan Kold/Varm, 10 g/1 brev/1 måleske giver: 200 KJ/48 kcal, 5 g protein, 1,5 g fedt, 2,8 g kulhydrat
Adozan chokolade, 1 stk./9 g giver: 230 KJ/55 kcal, 4 g protein, 2 g fedt, 6 g kulhydrat
Adozan P-boost, 50 ml/1 flaske giver: 467 KJ/111 kcal, 27 g protein, 0 g fedt, 0 g kulhydrat
Adozan Protein+Hot, 10 g pr. måleske giver: 165 KJ/40 kcal, 10 g protein, 0 g fedt, 0 g kulhydrat (obs. Protein+Hot findes kun i 3 kg spande)

Adozan er et næringsmiddel, der kan anvendes til proteinberigelse eller til at øge kalorieindholdet eller begge dele på én gang.

Ring til os på tlf. 5819 2200, send en mail på eller stil dit spørgsmål på vores Facebookside.

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