Time and our health affect us all differently. With increasing age, or due to bigger health issues, you may find that your needs have shifted.

Often small changes of your daily routine are enough, sometimes, however, bigger changes are needed. This can be particularly tedious, when you do not have to look after only yourself, but also have to take your partners changing needs into account.

Accommodating differing needs with ease

It can be a wonderful thing to share your life with a partner. It should therefore also be something that both parties can enjoy consciously and without stress.

We at Adozan, however, are often told by our customers that differing nutritional needs in couples can be quite a challenge, especially when these differing needs make cooking difficult. This can be very strenuous, as sharing a meal together is an important part of social life and good for your health and happiness at every age.

The products of the Adozan family can help reduce stress in the kitchen and make sharing meals more feasible without causing extra work. We offer individual solutions for individual issues!

No need to change your eating habits!

With Adozan you can continue to cook the way you always do and simply enrich individual portions with additional nutrients. Even a small portion can be enriched with a large amount of nutrients when adding an Adozan supplement.

When you are done cooking as usual, simply portion out a desired amount of food. For individuals with a particularlly high need of additional nutrients, Adozan powder can be mixed into the persons meal directly. Adozan is neutral in flavor and can be added into sauces, soups, and meat based dishes like stew. When using Adozan products for baking, simply add the powder to the dry ingredients. Alternatively, the powder can also be mixed into yogurt, coffee, or a glas of juice. This way, both partners can meet their individual nutritional need without and extra work, regardless of portion size.

Easily prepared using our recipes

Our website includes a large amount of recipes, developed for you by our ecotrophologist Malene. All our recipes include protein concentrates of the Adozan family. Most of them are even freezer friendly, so that you can enjoy fresh, home cooked, meals everyday. If only one member of your household needs nutrient supplements, then simply add it only to their portion. Do remember to mark the enriched portion is some way, so as to avoid misunderstandings.

Which Adozan product is right for you?

We offer several different Adozan products, each to provide for individualized wants and needs. For more information on which of our products might be right for you, take a look at our guide here. Furthermore, you should always listen to your doctors prescription. Adozan products are a helpful supplement for different nutritional needs. We are always here to answer any further questions you may have!

When spouses have differing nutritional needs

Time and our health affect us all differently. With increasing age, or due to bigger health issues, you may find that your needs have shifted.

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