Good health increases quality of life and insures independence even in old age

Being healthy takes more than just a healthy diet.

Our Adozan family can help you increase your protein and energy intake and thereby help you stay healthy. However, there are several other factors that play an important part in your overall health. Here, we aim to provide you with a summery of all these factors.

What part can Adozan play?

Adozan can help you, when you diet cannot provide your body with enough nutrients. There can be several reasons for this.

Perhaps, you have lost some of your appetite with age, or maybe problems with chewing and swallowing have made enjoying food more difficult?

Perhaps you have recently suffered from an illness and now wish to strengthen your body with additional nutrients, but lack of appetite is holding you back?

Maybe you have recently had a gastric bypass surgery, and can no longer get all your nutrients from you diet?

In all these cases and more, Adozan can help you with supplementing your nutrient intake. Beyond that, you too can do a lot to strengthen your body and increase your health.

Our 7 Tipps to bettering your overall health

1. Get your body moving

It is a well-known fact that exercise is important for our health. It surprising, however, that literally every step counts. Not only athletic peak performance is relevant to our health. Every short walk, as well as any flight of stairs taken on foot counts just as much. Take it slow, start small, then increase the amount of exercise you do if you can. If you do not feel safe alone, perhaps you can find someone in your vicinity who can come along – maybe someone from your family, friends, neighbors or even a visiting service or cleaner. An hour of fresh air and movement (even if you have to pay for it) is an excellent investment in your health. Movement under water is often easier and there are a variety of options from senior swimming to water aerobics lessons at public pools. Whatever you choose to do, doing it regularly is what is important. If you have trouble getting up, then it is very important you don’t stop doing it! There are specific exercises to help you get more mobile, even ones which can be done seated or lying down. You can find endless amounts of exercises on the internet and physiotherapists offer home visits for more individualized exercises. If your mobility permits it, try to find a place offering professional guidance, like a physiotherapy gym.

2. Spend time with others
An active social life is good for our mental health and help keep your brains sharp, they can even help prevent dementia. A variety of health issues can making leaving the house difficult, but social isolation is serious health risk. Take any chance to spend time with others, chat or play board games together. Seniors clubs, parishes, and other institutions such as community centers may be right for you. A possible necessary taxi fee should be seen as an investment in your health. If physically possible, take part in trips or other activities. Reading partnerships with schools and kindergartens stimulate the mind and many creative institutions depend on volunteers for help. Take part in what you can and you will find that you are needed and will get a lot back in return! If you are unable to leave your home and friends and family are not available, visitor services form charitative organisations may be an option for you as well.

3. Smile for your health
Many aspects of modern life have the capacity to “wipe the smiles off our faces”. However, scientists have repeatedly proven that smiling and laughing are highly therapeutic and maybe even a good first step for more positive outlook. Smiling strengthens our immune system, increases our pain tolerance, and promotes self-healing in our body. It can also help us lower our stress levels and when we smile our body releases helpful endorphins. Furthermore, smiling helps us feel connected to the people around us, further underlying the importance of social interactions.

4. Dare to take it one step further: have a laugh!
Once you feel comfortable smiling, laughing will come easily! Laughing has been shown to be a real fountain of youth, as gelotology (the study of laughter) has shown. For one, laughter increases gas exchange in the lungs, increasing lung capacity. This increases oxygenation of the blood, with has a positive effect on our organs and our metabolism, boosts our immun system and helps burn fat. Secondly, laughter is infectious and laughing together does wonders for the brain. Feeling connected with others promotes the release of happy hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, which makes us feel relaxed and safe. This once more closes the circle: a healthy social life is important for body and soul.

5. Generosity promotes good health
It has been scientifically proven that giving and generosity are good for our overall health. Both acts of service or gift giving (weither that is giving time, providing care, an open ear, some kind of help big or small) it is always good for ourselves as well, as it increases satisfaction and contentment. Scientists at the university of Lübeck discovered that when we give someone something, it stimulates the reward center of the brain (a small clump of cells at the back of the brain), which makes us feel satisfied. The feeling is so strong, it makes us want more. Giving is therefore a win-win situation for both parties.

6. Enjoy nature
Consciously stopping to enjoy nature makes us happy and increases our overall health. Taking in the natural smells, looking at interesting plants, enjoying the scenery, and feeling the sun or the wind on our skin instantly lifts our mood. Studies have proven that even just the view of nature boosts our health. A Swedish hospital in the 80s for example, split patients into two groups, one group had a view of buildings from their room, the other group had a view looking out into nature. The group with the better view healed much more quickly, than the one with the obstructed view. Every year, companies spend millions on “health design”, trying to emulate certain aspects of nature indoors and in public spaces to promote health and healing (Rehn J. 2020, Eu Journal of Public Health). This can help reduce stress, increase positive social interactions, and positively affect our mood and even cognitive functions. By stimulating our vegetative nervous system, these measures can for example help lower our heart rate and blood pressure, as well as lowering stress levels. You can, however, invest in your health without spending large amounts of money, by spending time in nature every chance you get.

7. Purpose strengthens body and soul
Science says: feeling a sense of purpose is good for our health. This is not necessarily meant in a religious or spiritual sense, but more in a consciously recognizing all positive aspects of life. Appreciating our life gives us strength and inner peace. In turn, this has a positive affect on our hormones, by lowering cortisol levels (which tend to be very high in a lot of people nowadays).

What are you doing for your health?

Don’t we all also have thing we do just because they are good for us? What do you do to feel better and increase your health? We would love to know what helps you feel stronger and perhaps even helps you get through tough times! It could probably help others as well! Share your experience with us in the comment section bellow or on our Facebook page. We are excited for any comments that help and inspire others to look after themselves!

Health at any Age

7 Tipps for better health

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