Good Morning Mousse, 10 servings, 55 g each

This delicious mousse is an exzellent start to your day and you may even find yourself craving it as a snack during the day.

Good for individuals experiencing a lack of appetite – even a small serving contains a lot of nutrients!

Any daily medications can be taken along with this mousse.

When decorated with some fresh fruit, like for example a few slices of banana, the mousse looks even more appetizing.

The mousse is freezer friendly and can be frozen in handy portions. Take the desired portion out of the freezer, allow to defrost in the fridge over night and, voilà, you will have a fresh and delicious breakfast the next morning.


200 g Yogurt
150 g Creme fraiche, 38% fat
50 g Sugar
5 g Vanilla sugar
100 g Fruit puree
6 g Gelatin
70 g Adozan Protein+ or Adozan Protein+Hot


  1. Soak the gelatin according to package instructions
  2. Combine the rest of the ingrediants in a bowl and mix them well
  3. Melt the gelatin in a pot according to package instructions, then slowly add in your yogurt mixture while stirring continuously
  4. Portion the mousse into mason jars or plastic portion cups (max. 110ml)
  5. Serve cold

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Nutritional value

The nutritional value depends on which Adozan product is used.

The following table shows the nutritional value of 100g of mousse. Depending on which Adozan product is used, this should be about two servings of mousse.

ProduktEnergy (in kJ)ProteinFat Carbohydrates
Adozan Vital+529,518,1 %53,4 %28,5 %
in grams 5,6 g7,4 g8,9 g
Adozan Kilo+5727,8 %64,3 %27,9 %
in grams 2,6 g9,7 g9,4 g
Adozan Transparent+509,414,8 %48,7 %36,4 %
in grams 4,4 g6,5 g10,9 g
Adozan Protein+ or Protein+Hot511,828,7 %48,5 %22,8 %
in grams 8,6 g6,5 g6,9 g

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