Adozan VitalPlus  –  Adozan VitalKlar  –  Adozan Genuss Plus

Instant powder – neutral in flavor, high in protein, and containing additional calories. The protein contained in these products has a high biological value and nourishes the body with additional long chained carbohydrates or a combination of carbohydrates and plant fats.

How much Adozan do you need per day

Your individual needs depends on your overall health and age, as well as on the amount of protein and calories you consume. It is therefore not possible to issue a general recommendation. Please ask a medical specialist of dietitian for advice. It is, however, possible to enrich any kind of meal with high calorie protein concentrate. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please do not hesitate to ask.

Adozan Vital+

A protein powder with a unique combination of essential amino acids, long-chained carbohydrates, fatty acids, and fiber.

Ingredients: protein (calf and whey), maltodextrin and insulin, plant oil (soy)

in 100 g: 475kcal, protein 52g, carbohydrates 28g, fat 15g, fiber 10g

Adozan Transparent+ 

A protein powder with a unique combination of essential amino acids and long-chained carbohydrates. As it is a fat free supplement, it is works particularly well in cold, clear foods (such as clear soups, jello, or aspic) and beverages.

Ingredients: protein (calf and whey), maltodextrin

in 100g: 401kcal, protein 39g, carbohydrates 59g

Adozan Chocolate+

Delicious chocolate truffles made from high quality chocolate (60%), enriched with protein and peppermint filling. Each chocolate truffle includes 4 grams of protein! A delicious treat ideal as a dessert or a small snack.

Ingredients:  cocoa mass 56%, sugar, protein 30% (calf and whey), cocoa butter, glucose syrup, peppermint oil, almond oil

in 100g: 455kcal, protein 32g, carbohydrates 46g, fat 15g (4g of protein in just one piece!)

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