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Importance of cleanliness

Florence Nightingale documented that cleanliness decreases mortality rate

Adoption of sanitation practices

Clara Barton promotes clean and healthy conditions in the US Army

Microbes isolated

Dr. Koch proved that microscopic organisms create disease

Hand hygiene introduction

Graham Ayliffe invents the hand hygiene technique

Environmental decontamination

Systems based on hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, peracetic acid

FDDC Cycle


The Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle

The Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle (FDDC) technology provides a process to disinfect air and surfaces from all harmful pathogens, such as virus, bacteria and even the so-called superbugs, the antibiotic resistant bacteria.The FDDC is the only technology that applies a full air purification process after biological disinfection. It removes all the remaining oxidant gases as well as the harmful by-products, such as particles and nano-particles.

This provides for re-entering the room shortly after

the disinfection cycle is complete. Comparatively, all other disinfection solutions leave residual gases and harmful particles.

The biological disinfection is done by using a mixture of atomized water and activated oxygen (ozone). The gaseous treatment reaches pathogens everywhere, in every nook and cranny, without any shadow areas. Because of its way of action, even the antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE will not resist this disinfection.







CONTAMINATED ROOM: Studies demonstrate that less than 50% of surfaces in patient care rooms are being adequately cleaned because of inadequacies in traditional cleaning/disinfection methods and procedures.

GAS GENERATION: Atomized water and ozone are created in-situ using only electricity and ambient air. This activated gaseous mist is diffused into the whole room using a powerful built-in fan.

DISINFECTION: The biocidal effect of the FDDC technology has been documented by independent third-party laboratories. Read more about it here.







GAS REMOVAL: Once the disinfection is accomplished, the process is reverted and the ozone is turned back into pure oxygen, removing all remaining gas.

PARTICLES REMOVAL: All gaseous or UV solutions are based on oxidative compounds. While having a biocidal effect, they also react with other molecules. This will create particles and nano-particles which are potentially harmful. FDDC is the only technology that also remove these particles after disinfection.

AUTOMATED PROCESS AND MONITORING: Throughout the entire automated process, the STERISAFE gives thoroughly reports with data on the process.

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